Veganising Your Recipes (Dairy)

21 Jul

Use the following guide to “veganise” your food!

Soymilk is most commonly used as a milk substitute for use in tea, baking, cooking, on cereal and for drinking. Its relatively cheap in the supermarket nowadays, and own-brand soy milk costs about the same or less than regular milk. It is available as sweetened (usually with apples) or unsweetened. You can make your own soy milk, but is a bit of a faff. It can curdle if put in coffee – there is a knack to making it not curdle involving pouring it onto a teaspoon first. Rice Milk is usually available at bigger supermarkets, and is a fair bit more expensive but is wonderfully sweet. You can also make a wide range of nut milks, and oat milks are usually available at health food shops.

Buttermilk is the bane of the vegans life – food companies seem to put small amounts of it in EVERYTHING, but if you need to use it in baking a good cheat is to add 1 tsp of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to 100ml soy milk and leaving it to curdle a bit to get a buttermilk effect.

Big supermarkets and health food shops will stock Vegan Cream substitutes, or alternatively blend together equal parts of raw cashews with water. Coconut milk (from a tin, not coconut water) is also an option.

There are various vegan soy yogurts out there available from big supermarkets and health food shops, and sometimes you can find coconut yogurt and oat yogurts commercially available too.

Sour Cream
There are a few recipes out there for vegan sour cream involving silken tofu, although we reckon that bought vegan plain yogurt pretty much tastes like sour cream.

Paneer is a cheese used in Indian cooking that tends to soak up flavours really well. We suggest using firm tofu as a replacement, if you freeze the tofu it becomes more chewy than it is normally.

There are a wide variety of vegan cheeses available from health food shops, we don’t use them much so can’t tell you if they are any good – although vegan cream cheeses seem quite palatable.
Nutritional Yeast makes a good, if not very accurate replacement for Parmesan cheese.

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One Response to “Veganising Your Recipes (Dairy)”

  1. Sarah May 23, 2012 at 8:28 pm #

    Hi Naked Vegan Cooks!

    I just wanted to say that you have had a profound effect on me. I am currently pescatarian, working my way towards veganism, and am also in the process of learning to love and accept my body, as part of a recent dive into Feminism.

    Your participation in the Channel 4 documentary was a real eye-opener and I’d like to say thank you very much 🙂

    I also really enjoyed reading your post from Alex and would love it if you managed to open up a space for discussing gender identity, something I am very much interested in and will hopefully be researching as a possible dissertation subject.

    I have never attended a naked event or attempted anything of the sort, but I am moving to Vienna as part of my degree and will hopefully be able to try it out in a new, and I think more liberal, continental European environment. Trying something like naturism in a completely new setting I feel will be easier than in England, but it will hopefully be the first step towards a more naked way of life!

    Thanks once again, and keep up your brilliant work!

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