The Internet Found Us!

4 Aug

This past couple of days have been interesting for us at NakedVeganCooking. After someone posted our site to the WTF!? section on Reddit, we have experienced a spike in traffic sending our readership from about 200 hits a day to 20,000. NakedVeganCooking then got passed onto a few other websites. Below is a list of our more interesting comments.

Jess and Greta checking out the Reddit comments

Jess and Greta checking out the Reddit comments

As you might expect when we put our naked bodies on the internet, a lot of the comments focussed on our body image. It seems the internet is a fickle place, with some commenters expressing “confusion at the fat vegans” whilst others expressing contempt by saying “if you were so high up about body image you’d have at least one overweight person on there“. Seemingly this commentor would have us actively seek out an oveweight person in order to objectify them as our naked vegan posterchild.

Having read some of the comments about our bodies, a friend of ours made this image in solidarity.

Another commenter stuck up for us by posting:


  1. These people are not fat.
  2. I’m absolutely positive that each and every single one of them are getting laid with a frequency that would make the average Redditor weep. Armpit hair or no armpit hair.


Indeed, quite a lot of comments focussed on our hair, both of the pubic and the armpit variety. Comments from Reddit wondered whether pubic hair “was vegan” and commentors from the vegan PostPunkKitchen forums expressed concern that “they make sure the food doesn’t get tainted. By that I mean, getting it too close to someone’s taint”.

A good few comments looked at our “armpit hair pride” picture, one in particular stated  that “they aren’t very attractive because chicks with armpit hair make most guys throw up“. . Fortunately for us we don’t grow our body hair for the pleasure of guys…except for maybe Jess… : )

A good few more comments were about about the fact that we appear to be hippies.

Nothing says MMM like fresh food mixed in with hippie body funk and patchouli.

Others wondered about about our living arrangements:

First Poster: Also, why is there so much nudity in this house when it seems no one is related? Are they some kind of hippie vegan commune?

Second Poster: How do I join?

Third Poster:

By the looks of it:

  • Grow all your body hair
  • become vegan.

Apparently naked dinners would be less unconventional if we were all closely related…

Also it just so happens we are looking for people to invest so we can buy a commune. Get in touch if you want to invest!

Other posters defended our unconventionality, saying

Reddit is extremely judgmental towards non-sexual nudity and people that you could call hippies… on average they also have high expectations of human bodies (due to much porn, little normal contact with girls maybe?) and little respect for people that choose to look different (see the term hipster). I’m just guessing of course.

Others posted, saying:

Even naked they manage to look like hipsters.

Admittedly Luke has turned his bike into a fixie, which seems to have had the effect of making it a bit shit.

One keen poster even made up this image for us, which probably descrbes us quite well:

Thanks for an interesting ride so far. If you are interested, please check out more of our recipes here, add us on twitter, and subscribe. Thanks!

5 Responses to “The Internet Found Us!”

  1. Alexandra Hill August 5, 2011 at 11:01 am #

    Amazing 😀

  2. Éowyn Duggan August 5, 2011 at 2:08 pm #

    I’m happy you’ve taken the abuse in your stride, I’d have been less forgiving. Another interesting point of the internet is that I tried to view the site on my phone the other day and was forbidden on the grounds of protecting under 18’s, but it provided me a list of things I could view otherwise. Mainly free and pay for videos of “hot Thai girls” and “sexy stripper videos”. Funny that.

    • radicalrabbit August 5, 2011 at 3:15 pm #

      To be honest, I was largely surprised that there wasnt any homophobic abuse, considering we are all raging queers…

      Oh god. That is beyond awful!

  3. mark e November 5, 2011 at 10:46 pm #

    Great “First Impressions” poster! That gave me a good laugh because the second half is so true! I love what you are doing as a community – keep it up!

  4. JulieRoo February 5, 2014 at 10:58 pm #

    I’ve just found you via the channel4 programme. Good on you lot.

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