Gardener’s Pie

6 Sep

Michelle made this amazing pie for a housing co-op meeting. It’s a really impressive vegan meal, this amount will serve about 10 hungry people. We had 7 but it all went by the end of the day!

Ingredients: 300g mung beans, 7 large potatoes, 3 large onions (i used 1 red and 2 white), tblsp Yeast extract, pinch of salt, 4 tblsp vegan margarine, a little soya milk, a little cooking oil, vegan stock, tblsp cumin, tblsp paprika, tsp – tblsps chilli powder depending on how much you like chilli, a range of vegetables, whatever you fancy. I used 4 large carrots, half a large red cabbage, 1 small celery and 1 leek.

Boil mung beans and potatoes in seperate pots. Chop and fry vegetables including onions in a large frying pan or wok. While the veg is gently frying, mash cooked potatoes with salt, margarine and enough soya milk to get a nice mashed potato consistency. Add cooked mung beans, spices, gravy and yeast extract to pan of vegetables and simmer for 5 minutes to mix flavours. Make sure the gravy is nice and thick, mung beans should make it even thicker. If its too runny, simmer for longer to thicken or add a little more gravy granules (or a tiny bit of cornflour if you’ve made the gravy from scratch).

When the gravy/veg/mung bean mixture is nice and thick and well mixed, transfer to a couple of deep oven dishes. Put a layer of mashed potato on top of the gravied layer, using a spatula to spread the potato. you may use a fork to make nice patterns in the mashed potatoe if you like. I put a heart on one of mine but you couldnt really tell when it was done. Put dish in oven at 180-200 degrees celsuis for about 15 minutes or until potato is golden. Nice served on its own or with a side of roasted vegetables.
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