Sandra’s Steakless Sandwich

24 Sep

This is another great recipe from our friend Sandra of Creamy Garlic Mushrooms fame. Thanks Sandra!

Sandra with Steakless Sandwich

Ingredients: 1 medium onion, 300g mushrooms, 1 pack beef-style mock meat slices, 2 baguettes or ciabatta, 1 tsp miso paste (available in most oriental supermarkets, don’t worry if you can’t find any), Gravy granules of your choosing, Mushroom ketchup or vegan worcester sauce, oil for frying

Chop the onion into thin slices and fry over a medium heat until they’re transparent.

Slice the mushrooms and “beef” into bite size pieces and add to the pan of onions. Fry until the musrooms are cooked then add the miso paste and a dash of mushroom ketchup, and about half a cup of water. Cover the pan and simmer for a few minutes, and while the mixture is simmering, toast your baguette/ciabatta/whatever bread you have. Add the gravy granules to the pan to thicken the sauce, butter your bread (it’s especially tasty with a little mustard) and fill with the mixture.

You can leave out the mock meat all together if you prefer not to eat processed food, and in that case I’d recommend using portobello mushrooms, or another large, meaty variety.

FamilyV served ours with chips and steamed cabbage with salt and pepper; tasty, but littleV was more interested in the comforts of mum’s…other food… x.S.x

Sandra, littleV and steakless sandwich

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