Thai Massaman Curry

4 May

This is Jess’ new favourite recipe. Beautiful thai flavours, not too spicy.

Ingredients: 1-2 carrot (diced), 1 white onion (diced), 2 cloves garlic (crushed), 1 tomato chopped (diced), 3-4 tsp red chili paste (depending on taste), 4 tsp curry powder, 1 can coconut milk, 1 ½ tbsp soy sauce, 2 tsp sugar, juice of 1 lime, 1-2 cup sweet potato (diced),  1-2 cup non-leafy vegetables – we used broccoli (in bite-sized pieces), 1 cup tofu cubed, oil for frying,  roasted peanuts (crushed, to garnish)

thai massaman curry

thai massaman curry

Drain, press, cube and freeze your tofu before you start for best results. If you don’t have time to freeze to give the “bouncy” tofu feel, then pressing under a few heavy books to squeeze out that extra bit of water out still gives pretty good results.

Preheat the oven to 180’C, and start roasting the cubed sweet potato. Cover the bottom of a good pan with good layer of oil and start to pre-fry your tofu, until browned on all sides and set aside.

Fry the onion, garlic, diced carrot and tomato in the hot oil until the onion starts to soften. Add the red chilli paste and curry powder and fry until the spices become fragrant. Add 8 tbsp of the coconut milk at this stage and stir.

Greta and Jess with Thai Massaman Curry

Greta and Jess with Thai Massaman Curry

Add the soy sauce, sugar, veg and tofu to the mix stir well, cooking for a minute or two. Add the rest of the coconut milk and the roasted sweet potatoes. Taste the mix at this stage and add more chilli paste/curry powder/ sugar / soy sauce / bit of salt to taste. Just before serving, squeeze the lime juice over the mixture and stir in.

Serve on a bed a rice topped with crushed roasted peanuts.

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2 Responses to “Thai Massaman Curry”

  1. Gems - Fashion Well Done May 8, 2012 at 1:33 pm #

    I’m not a vegan, I discovered this blog watching a Chanel 4 documentary, and I just bloody love it – I think you guys are great and so likeable.
    Since I write for several fashion blogs, clothes are my bread and butter, but I think naked skin can be as beautiful as any garments.
    Gems x


  1. Naked Vegan Massaman Curry « All Nudist - May 4, 2012

    […] (depending on taste), 4 tsp curry powder, 1 can coconut milk…”  MORE>>> Naked Vegan Cooking Share […]

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