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A dozen naked protests

23 Jul

trigger warning: police violence

Probably better than most, we know that stripping off to make a point can get you a fair bit of attention. So its no surprise that protest groups have used nudity to get media attention, portray vulnerability, or otherwise confuse coppers. We are fans of protest here at Naked Vegan Cooking, and thought we would put together a list of some naked protests (other than the world naked bike rides) which have caught our eye.

1. Ai Weiwei is a Chinese artist and political activist. He was arrested for pornography after he produced a piece of art showing himself naked holding a toy alpaca over his genitals. The name of the artwork is “grass mud horse covering the middle” which in Chinese apparently sounds very similar to “fuck your mother, the communist party central committee”.

He was arrested on suspicion of being involved in pornography after producing this piece called “One Tiger, Eight Breasts”:

A website was put together to collect pictures of Ai Weiwei’s fans, posing naked in solidarity.

2. Firefighters in Spain have shed their clothes to protest against government spending cuts. The banner reads: “With so many cuts, we are left naked”.

Not entirely sure if these are the same firefighters, but here’s another picture of anti-cuts firefighters that have been doing the rounds:

3. Ukrainian feminist organisation Femen regularly protest topless against sex tourism, sexism and other social problems. Here they are protesting at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland against the lack of womens representation at the forum and the dodgy decisions made there.

Here is one of the Femen activists being arrested by Swiss police, and from the looks of things she isnt being treat to well. But it seems the worst was yet to come for the organisation as recently 3 Femen activists were kidnapped and tortured by Belorussian authorities (although have been released now).

4. This radical German group Hedonist International turned up to estate agents viewings of posh apartments in Berlin and held impromptu naked parties as a protest against gentrification. I would love to see the look on the estate agents face! Heres a video (the music is awful):

5. La Kuneta art collective in Santiago, Chile, put together a performance art piece called mujeres pintadas (“painted women”). Here they are taking to the streets to protest domestic violence:

6. Semi-naked students in Quebec took to the streets to protest against a rise in tuition fees. The protest itself was met by police violence; with protesters being tear gassed and crowds broken up with pepper spray and baton charges.

It seems students from Canada are not the only ones who get naked to make a point. Here are some students from the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity marching naked inside the campus to of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in  2011 to condemn an educational budget cut on all state universities and colleges.

7. Naked Mexican farmers frequently take to the streets to protest against state repression and the stealing of land. Heres a video of an american man in very strange clothes attending one of them:

8. This picture of Israeli queers protesting for Palestinian rights has been doing the rounds. We think that the picture is from a protest from quite a while ago. If the website we got it from is correct, then the Hebrew text means “I fuck Palestinians”, but I’ve also seen it being translated as “I fuck Palestinian women”.

9. No stranger to engaging in the odd bit of environmental activism, we thought we had better share this naked Plane Stupid action. Protesters strip naked to protest against unsustainable biofuels being used to “greenwash” the aviation industry.

10. No list of naked protests can go without mentioning the World Naked Bike Ride. There were plenty of naked bike rides/protests organised in the past, but the World Naked Bike Ride first began in its current form in 2004 when Conrad Schmidt created the clothing optional ride primarily against oil dependency and to promote cyclist safety. Here is a picture of Jess at this years Manchester WNBR, looking a bit scared as they can’t really ride a bike that well:

11. These striking workers at this ABB plant in Spain created this very camp homage to YMCA to protest the forced redundancy of many of the plants workers after the company generated record profits.

12. In terms of effectiveness and awareness raising, no list of naked protests would be complete without mentioning Lady Godiva, the 11th century noblewoman who rode naked through the streets of Coventry to gain a reduction in the oppressive taxation system imposed by her husband over the locals. The fact that we are still talking about it 10 centuries later means that she definitively managed to get people talking! (Although whether or not the ride of Godiva actually happened is still a matter of debate!)

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Vegan Spring Onion Tzatziki

13 Jul

Jess has recently come back from Greece having eaten loads of loads of lovely Greek food. This tzatziki is not the most authentic tzatziki recipe (tzatziki usually doesnt have spring onions in it) but its really great none-the-less.

Ingredients (serves about 4) : 1 cucumber (peeled and chopped fine), 450g dairy free yoghurt, 2 cloves garlic (crushed), 2 spring onions (fine chopped), salt and pepper, paprika, olive oil, lemon juice, fine chopped herbs (dill, mint or parsley – optional)

Add the cucumber, garlic, spring onions and herbs to the yoghurt and mix well in with salt and pepper. Serve with a squeeze of lemon juice, a dash of olive oil and a sprinkling of paprika.

De-seeding the cucumber can be good if you like but we quite like the seeds in.

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Marinated Tofu and Vegetable BBQ Skewers

2 Jul

We made this dish when Manchester was experiencing a brief yet delightful period of sunshine a few weeks back. Since Manchester has returned to its usual grey dullness, we thought we would post this up to remind us of sunnier times. Absolutely delicious!

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Ingredients for 4 Skewers: 400g block of tofu, 1 yellow bell pepper, 1 courgette, 4 portabella mushrooms, 2 tomatoes, 2 tbsp. maple syrup, 4 tbsp. soy sauce, 1 tbsp. lemon juice, 3 cloves garlic (minced), 2 tsp. fresh grated ginger

You will also need: kitchen roll, some heavy books, a barbeque (or grill), kebab skewers, sunshine (optional but preferred)

The first step is to drain and press the tofu, this is very important because otherwise the tofu will break apart as you cook it. First of all rinse the tofu block and then wrap it in about 5 layers of kitchen roll and put it between a few heavy books to press out the water. After about 10 minutes change the kitchen roll and repeat, after about half an hour the tofu should be much more firm and less wet.

Meanwhile prepare the marinade; combine the maple syrup, soy sauce, lemon juice, garlic and ginger in a dish big enough to also fit the tofu in. Also use this time to chop your vegetables into chunks that are about an inch cubed.

Once your tofu is pressed, cut it into chunks a similar size to the veg and put the pieces in the marinade. The flavour will get better then longer you can leave the tofu marinating for, from a minimum of half an hour, up to overnight.

Next it’s time to assemble the skewers! Put the vegetables and marinated tofu onto the skewers, in any order that you find pleasing.

If you are cooking on a barbeque then wait until the coals go white before you start cooking, otherwise it will be too hot and the food will not cook right through. Put the skewers on the barbeque and cook for about 10 minutes, turning regularly, until the tofu is well browned and parts of the vegetables start to blacken. If your using a grill the process is exactly the same, pick a middle temperature and look for the same visual signs.

Enjoy with some wine and sun (if you possibly can!)

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