Celeriac Mash

4 Dec

The sharp-eyed amongst you might have noticed that we are trying to get a post out for every day in the run up to Christmas to inform what yummy christmas dinners y’all might be eating. As such, we are being a bit more lax with our policy of having a picture of us with all the food. Sorry about that. If you fancy making our lives easier and submitting a Christmas themed recipe to us, we would love you forever.

This celeriac mash was made by Kai, it is rather delicious.


Basically Kai boiled peeled and boiled a mixture of roughly half potato, half celeriac on the hob until tender. He then mashed it up with a good load of vegan margarine, some crushed garlic, some dried rosemary and sage and a couple of dollops of french mustard (the mustard is soooo good!). Kai then put the mash in  roasting tray, topped with nutritional yeast and baked until the top was a little crispy and the mash warmed through. Awesome.

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