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Hawthorn Infused Vinegar

17 Nov

We went foraging again, this time for hawthorn berries. Hawthorn berries are small berries which sort of taste a bit like apples and a bit like avocados, but taste a bit drier/crap because the trees are prone to water stress. They don’t have much flesh on them as they contain a big stone which should be avoided as it contains cyanide. The flesh makes a good snack whilst wandering through woods, and can be used to make into hedgerow jam.

2013-11-16 12.14.19

Jess used the Hawthorn berries to make hawthorn infused cider vinegar, which is a tart and fruity vinegar which goes well in salads, or makes a nice “lemonade” when you mix a tablespoon of it in a tall glass with ice and soda water.

2013-11-16 12.15.16

Making the vinegar infusion is pretty easy. Simply pick your berries, wash them, and add them to a clean jar / bottle. Add roughly double the volume of apple cider vinegar and close the bottle. Leave for about 5 weeks or so, shaking occasionally, before straining out the fruit and storing in a dark glass bottle. Use within a year or so.



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