Easy Rainbow Salad for 100, Spicy Rainbow Salad and Pasta with Tofu, Kale and Apple

19 Feb

This last weekend the naked vegan cooking crew were cooking en masse for 100 people for the Radical Routes gathering. For those of you who do not know, the NVC crew live in a Radical Routes housing co-op. This means we are part of a network of housing cooperatives, working cooperatives, and radical social centres which seek to offer help and support to each other, and to grow the cooperative movement.

The gathering was 2 days long stretched over the weekend, and Jess and Xen were tasked with cooking the Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch for approximately 100 attendants. On Saturday we cooked a veggie chilli with jacket potatoes, a rich black bean and dark chocolate mole, a simple tomato salsa and a rice salad. On the Sunday we cooked a Sweetcorn Chowder, accompanied with simpler version of the Potato and Dill Salad  and a rainbow salad. Below you can find a recipe for the rainbow salad we served, plus a spicy version we made just for our co-op the day after. Also we are sharing a great quick and easy pasta recipe that goes great with either version of the rainbow salad. 

Rainbow Salad for 100

This rainbow salad was a delicious accompaniment to the sweetcorn chowder, and managed to feed about 100 people (with each person taking a serving spoonful of salad).

Ingredients: bunch of fresh coriander, bag of carrots, half a big red cabbage, half a big white cabbage, red onion, couple of cloves of garlic

Fine chop the cabbages, red onion, coriander and garlic, and grate the carrots. Assemble in a big serving bowl.

We served this with a dressing made from whizzing up olive oil with hemp milk, mustard seed and dates.

Greta with Rainbow Salad

Spicy Rainbow Salad

Jess modified some of the leftover salad for a spicier version. The basic recipe (for an amount which would fill the average salad bowl) is:

Ingredients: about 1/8th a red cabbage, about 1/8th a white cabbage, 2 carrots, half a bunch of coriander, 4 tomatoes, couple of garlic cloves, 1 chilli (we didnt de-seed because we are hardcore chilli fans, but you might want to)

Assemble as above, basically fine chopping everything and adding to the grated carrots.

Spicy Rainbow Salad

Pasta with Tofu, Kale and Apple

Jess served the spicy rainbow salad above with this simple pasta dish.

Ingredients: block of smoked tofu, 4-5 cloves garlic, handful of kale, an apple, some basil pesto, pasta.

For the basil pesto: whizz together fresh basil, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, and seasoning.

For the tofu with kale and apple: Cut the tofu into bitesized pieces and saute in olive oil until browned. Add some chopped garlic, an apple (in chunks), and chopped kale. Saute gently, adding a splash of water to ensure the kale steams slightly rather than goes dry on the heat.

Add the pesto and tofu-kale mix to cooked pasta, drizzle with olive oil and serve.

Pasta with Tofu, Kale and Apple


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